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Fourth wildland fire detection workshop in Edmonton, Alberta

The 2015 workshop was the fourth in a series of wildland fire detection workshops organized and hosted by FPInnovations, one of the largest private, non-profit forest research centres in the world, FPInnovations is a catalyst for the transformation of the forest industry. The goal was to provide a forum for new technologies and expertise in the field of wildland fire detection from around the world.
Firebreak Canada Corp. is proud to be part of this one week workshop and found it very informative.

Firebreak upgrades website for better service

In keeping with our commitment to deliver the very best in Fire detection and protection, we have upgraded our website for easier and faster navigation and to allow users to view it on mobile devices.

Our new site is here to serve you better with more detail on our products and services. We are poised to deliver fire safety solutions of any size, so please enjoy our website and call us for a quote on your needs.

FirePosse360™ Fire Detection System

Our FirePosse360™ innovative method of early long range fire detection has been undergoing several phases of fire simulation testing in Alberta. The FirePosse360™ is currently undergoing the final phase of field testing to fine tune the system and stress test the hardware under extreme environmental conditions that frequently occur in Canada.


Using a combination of thermal camera technology and video analytics the system quickly and accurately detects wildfires and can notify any level of Government command centers and/or homeowners.

Web Access for remote live viewing is available to prospective customers. Financing is available.

Firebreak USA deploys FirePosse™ Early Warning Fire Detection Solution

Firebreak USA deploys FirePosse™ Early Warning Fire Detection Solution at San Francisco Peninsula Fire Safe Council Headquarters
March 09, 2010

Quoted from Mr. Braun’s Press Release: “On March 9th, 2010, Firebreak USA’s President/CEO, Frank Holemans and his engineering team, completed deploying North America’s first and most technologically advanced wildland-urban intermix (WUI) wildfire early detection system known as the FirePosse™ ALERT network.”

Firebreak USA office opens!

Firebreak USA Corp. opens up in Las Vegas, Nevada
January 09, 2008

Firebreak USA Corp. is proud to announce the opening of a US office to facilitate dealings with our US customers. Having local presence will cut down installation time and faster responce to our valued customers.

Digi International appoints Firebreak as Drop-in Networking Partner

March 2010
Firebreak USA Corp. and Digi International are partnering together to provide the FirePosse™ Early Warning Fire Detection & Integrated Security Solution.

Firebreak USA has leveraged the flexibility and scalability of the Digi XBee platform, including both embedded XBee modules and the Digi gateways. Firebreak USA and Digi International working together have the opportunity and expertise to provide a custom solution for early fire detection and warning that can be tailored to fit the needs of both large and small clients across the globe.
Firebreak USA has shown the ability to develop cutting edge technology around the XBee platform and has the full support of Digi International from a design and marketing standpoint. Digi International will work closely with Firebreak USA to make sure to provide them with all the resources that we offer to ensure the success of their project, including offering free RF technical support to customers who have purchased the FirePosse™ solution.

Firebreak Canada and Lakes Environmental enter into Cooperation Agreement to Creating GIS solutions for fire detection, warning, and forecasting

To enhance our FirePosse Automatic Wildfire Monitoring Systems we entered into an agreement with Lakes Environment to create the GISPosse™ Fire Mapping & Meteorological Data Visualization System. As an integrated software package, the GISPosse™ will allow command center personnel and duty officers to be aware of any wind direction changes and plot forecasting of the weather and condition forecasting.
Since 1995, Lakes Environmental has been the leader, internationally, for its technologically advanced air dispersion modeling software and also for its exceptional expertise in the area of IT solutions for environmental sciences.