Digi International appoints Firebreak as Drop-in Networking Partner

March 2010
Firebreak USA Corp. and Digi International are partnering together to provide the FirePosse™ Early Warning Fire Detection & Integrated Security Solution.

Firebreak USA has leveraged the flexibility and scalability of the Digi XBee platform, including both embedded XBee modules and the Digi gateways. Firebreak USA and Digi International working together have the opportunity and expertise to provide a custom solution for early fire detection and warning that can be tailored to fit the needs of both large and small clients across the globe.
Firebreak USA has shown the ability to develop cutting edge technology around the XBee platform and has the full support of Digi International from a design and marketing standpoint. Digi International will work closely with Firebreak USA to make sure to provide them with all the resources that we offer to ensure the success of their project, including offering free RF technical support to customers who have purchased the FirePosse™ solution.

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