Our Vision

Corporate Vision:

“Firebreak ensures our customer’s safety, security and enhanced quality of life by providing a customized service and reliable state-of-the-art, proven products, to ensure early detection, notification, and protection against wildfires internationally.”

Mission Statement:

“To be the leader and preferred source in providing early wildfire detection, protection, and notification to improve the quality of life for our customers and help them protect their most prized possessions, their homes, their businesses and the safety and security of their families while minimizing costs of fighting fires.”

Whether you contact us in Canada or the USA, we want to serve you to protect entire areas as well as individual properties from the devastation of fire.

That is why we help you detect fires as early as possible, have the most advanced knowledge about the location and movement of the fire, and defeat the fire so your property and the property of your city’s citizens is not destroyed by fire.

All our strategies, products and services exist to uphold our vision for a world people are no longer at the mercy of the sudden devastation of wildfire.

We look forward to serving you, so call 403.507.4772 today.

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Firebreak Canada Corp. & Firebreak USA Corp.
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