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Firebreak Canada and Lakes Environmental enter into Cooperation Agreement to Creating GIS solutions for fire detection, warning, and forecasting

To enhance our FirePosse Automatic Wildfire Monitoring Systems we entered into an agreement with Lakes Environment to create the GISPosse™ Fire Mapping & Meteorological Data Visualization System. As an integrated software package, the GISPosse™ will allow command center personnel and duty officers to be aware of any wind direction changes and plot forecasting of the weather and condition forecasting.…

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FirePosse360™ Fire Detection System

Firebreak Canada Corp.

Our FirePosse360™ innovative method of early long range fire detection has been undergoing several phases of fire simulation testing in Alberta. The FirePosse360™is currently undergoing the final phase of field testing to fine tune the system and stress test the hardware under extreme environmental conditions that frequently occur in Canada. Using a combination of thermal camera technology and…

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