From Detection through Protection, We’ve Got You Covered!

“Fire Happens. Be Prepared with Firebreak.”

From Detection through Protection, We’ve Got You Covered!

Why Choose US

Every year, wildfires devastate hundreds of thousands of acres, and with that, the lives and properties of many people.

Firebreak serves Canada and USA with the best products placed into integrated systems to protect your property from wildfire. We can protect an individual building or home, or setup systems to protect an entire city / municipality.

We exist to be the best the best results and the best value. We do this through:

  • The best advanced-notice fire detection systems

  • The best real-time information about the size and movement of a wildfire

  • The best strategies to defeat fire before it reaches your property

  • The best flame retardants ones that give the best protection while also not depending on any electricity or water to provide that protection

We look forward to serving you.

Firebreak Canada Corp.

Home Owners

Individual homeowners and building owners can take advantage of our fire protection systems. Whether you live in the city or in rural areas, we have solution for you.

Our solutions consist of strategies to detect approaching fires and prevent them from harming your home or building. We start with strategies to create perimeters around your building that discourage fire from ever making it to your building in the first place. We also have fire-protection strategies on your home or building itself.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs, and take into account the environment and terrain around your home or building.

Firebreak and Government

Firebreak’s ability to design an functionally effective and cost-effective fire protection for an entire city is what sets us apart. We work at all levels of government including municipalities, states, provinces and so forth.

Municipalities love our services because our systems protect their citizens… and they save the city precious money as a result. When a city, township or province implements our protocols and systems, not only do they get advanced warning of wildfire, but they are in a position to proactively protect the structures. This saves millions and millions in damages from sweeping wildfires.

Firebreak also offers municipalities two leasing options when acquiring their fire prevention, detection and control systems.

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