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Fire Detection

Through the integration of energy management and sensor technologies, the FirePosse360™ products can detect oncoming wildfires and communicate the GPS coordinates and/or property address of the fire event to the local Fire District's Central Receiving and Dispatch Centre. In addition, the FirePosse360™ can automatically activate a compatible FireShield™ Suppression System, available from Firebreak, that coats a structure and its immediate perimeter with a fire retardant agent.

Some of the most devastating wildfires in recent years have burned undetected for hours and even days, making them very difficult to control. Providing such rapid detection of a wildfire event supports the early response effectiveness of firefighters. This can minimize the spread of wildfires, reducing those that burn out of control and become a significant threat to life and assets.

These Firebreak products provide a key component in a fully automated fire protection solution that will protect a home whether the homeowner is present or away, providing considerable peace of mind.


Fire Protection

The FireShield™ Exterior Fire Suppression System is designed to drench the exterior of your home, decks, and surrounding landscape in minutes with special flame retardant.

In this way, the FireShield™ Perimeter Protection System creates a "path of protection" around your property or building sites.

Firebreak uses long-term retardants; they are the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly retardants available. 

This specially formulated home-friendly fire retardant is colorless and will not stain or damage your home in any way. FireShield™ retardant is safe for use around plants, animals, and people.

Once applied, the fire retardant will continue to protect your property until it is washed off with a hose or rainwater.

FireShield™ systems are powered by compressed inert gas and thus require NO electricity, pumps or running water to operate.

Installation Samples

Fire Retardants & Suppressants

Firebreak APA Retardant is available as a liquid blended mixture. Fire retardants are ammonium polyphosphate retardants that are uncolored and do not contain gum-thickening agents. Uncolored APA Retardant is ideal where retardant does not have to be visible.

Typically Coloring and gum-thickening are used in aerial drops to reduce drifts and evaporation.

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