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Fire Detection

Posse 360

Through the integration of energy management and sensor technologies, the FirePosse™ products can detect oncoming wildfires and communicate the GPS coordinates and/or property address of the fire event to the local Fire District’s Central Receiving and Dispatch Center. In addition, the FirePosse™ can automatically activate a compatible owner installed FireShield™ Suppression System, available from Firebreak, that coats a structure and its immediate perimeter with a fire retardant agent.

Some of the most devastating wildfires in recent years have burned undetected for hours and even days, making them very difficult to control. Providing such rapid detection of a wildfire event supports early response effectiveness of firefighters. This can minimize the spread of wildfires, reducing those that burn out of control and become a significant threat to life and assets.

These Firebreak products provide a key component in a fully automated fire protection solution that will protect a home whether the homeowner is present or away, providing considerable peace of mind.

GIS Fire Mapping

Gis Posse

Fire Mapping and Meteorological Data Visualization System

GISPosse™ is the advanced Fire Mapping and Data Visualization system for the FirePosse™ Early Warning Fire Detection System GISPosse™ provides advanced web-based mapping capabilities for quickly identifying the location of detected fires in a geospatial context. Utilizing advanced 4D real-time and forecast meteorology data, GISPosse™ not only visualizes the exact location of detected fires, but predicts the movement of fire and smoke in response to meteorological conditions such as wind speed and wind direction. The system is designed to quickly identify the location of detected fires and provide geospatial awareness of the surrounding area including the display of potentially impacted physical features, fire response assets, and other resources of interest. Operating in conjunction with Firebreak’s revolutionary Flame Sensor and FirePosse™ Early Warning Fire Detection System, GISPosse™ provides the end user with a cost effective mapping and data visualization solution Quick and accurate detection of a fire is only the first step to protecting the public and limiting the impacts to physical assets and other natural resources. The next step is effective communication and management of response efforts.

GISPosse™ Architecture

GISPosse™ advanced GIS tools, data analysis, and map-based visualization, play a key role in ensuring the accurate and rapid communication of critical information to emergency responders.

Visualization of the fire and resulting smoke plume in real-time and the forecasted movement over the next 24-48 hours are the primary capabilities GISPosse™ provides.

Armed with this information stakeholders are able to 1) keep fire response assets out of harms way including equipment and firefighters and 2) better protect the public and infrastructure by always knowing where the smoke and fire are and where they are forecasted to go over the next 24-48 hours.

This information is critical for protecting the public and infrastructure, planning, and communicating with deployed responders.

Map visualization ensures the location and movement of a fire and resulting smoke plume are always know in relation to the surrounding area. This makes it easy to identify what areas, roads, and communities, are impacted or forecasted to be impacted over the next 24-48 hours.

Smoke also contributes to regional haze, air pollution, and the hazard of smoke on highways, etc. Understanding these factors is critical to protecting natural and man-made resources and mitigating the negative consequences of wildfire impacts.

Seamless integration with FirePosse™ once a fire event is detected, system automation initiates modeling and issues users defined warnings such as email notifications. Accessibility includes smartphones in the field or mobile incident command units.

Fire Protection

Fire Shield

The FireShield™ Exterior Fire Suppression System is designed to drench the exterior of your home, decks and surrounding landscape in minutes with special flame retardant.

In this way the FireShield™ Perimeter Protection System creates a “path of protection” around your property or building sites.

Firebreak uses Phos-Chek® long-term retardants, they are the safest, most effective, and environmentally friendly retardants available. No other products meet the current USDA Forest Service specification for long-term retardant. This specification includes product qualification testing for combustion retarding effectiveness, environmental, safety and health and corrosion standards.

This specially formulated home-friendly fire retardant is colorless and will not stain or damage your home in any way. FireShield™ retardant is safe for use around plants, animals, and people.

Once applied, the fire retardant will continue to protect your property until it is washed off with hose or rain water.

FireShield™ systems are powered by compressed inert gas and thus requires NO electricity or running water to operate.

Literature & Spec Sheets

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FireShield™ Permanent Exterior Fire Suppression System Description

FireShield™ Perimeter Protection Description

Fire Retardants & Suppressants

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