Firebreak Canada Corp.

Corporate Vision

"Firebreak ensures our customer's safety, security, and enhanced quality of life by providing a customized service and reliable state-of-the-art, proven products to ensure early detection, notification, and protection against wildfires internationally."

Mission Statement

"To be the leader and preferred source in providing early wildfire detection, protection, and notification to improve the quality of life for our customers and help them protect their most prized possessions, their homes, their businesses, and the safety and security of their families while minimizing costs of fighting fires."

Whether you contact us in Canada or the USA, we want to serve you to protect entire areas as well as individual properties from the devastation of fire.

That is why we help you detect fires as early as possible, have the most advanced knowledge about the location and movement of the fire, and defeat the fire so your property and the property of your city's citizens are not destroyed by fire.

All our strategies, products, and services exist to uphold our vision for a world where people are no longer at the mercy of the sudden devastation of wildfire.

Our Leadership

The strength of the Firebreak management team stems from combined expertise in both management and technical areas. The leadership and alignment characteristics of Firebreak's management team make us very responsive to situations requiring innovative solutions.

Frank O. Holemans
President & CEO
Frank Holemans is the founder of Firebreak Canada Corp. and serves as the company's President and CEO; he also serves as President and CEO of Firebreak USA Corp.

Mr. Holemans held executive positions in several other companies, was the founder of E-Tronics Battery Support Systems Corp. (now Valesco Battery Support Systems), and served as President of the publicly trading company until December 2000, when he retired from the company. E-Tronics developed and built automated industrial battery support systems to precondition new batteries, recondition and recover old batteries, identify capacities and faults, and help manage the battery fleet.

Frank has several years of firsthand experience with the military, law enforcement, and public safety.

Frank lives on a ranch in the foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Central Alberta, where he raises Angus Cattle and Anglo-Arab horses. In his spare time, Frank volunteers at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Citizen's on Patrol and other volunteer organizations.

Firebreak Canada Corp.

Board of Advisors

Firebreak's Board of Advisors includes business owners and managers from a variety of businesses and disciplines. Each offers a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to draw on. We also get great cross-fertilization from each of our respective businesses as we share ideas and suggestions. Our advisory board participates in regular brainstorming sessions, and we frequently contact advisors individually to draw on their specific areas of expertise.

Firebreak Canada Corp.